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You are searching for the best people? The ones matching the job description and your corporate culture? The ones promoting progress and facing new challenges?


We find (for you)

  • People who are keen to grow with demanding tasks in your enterprise.
  • People who understand future requirements.
  • Employees who proactively approach digitalization, globalization and networking.
  • Employees who create new working environments and modified value chains.
  • Using intelligent search methods and national and international networks.
  • Using profound in-depth industry and consultancy experience, personal and professional.


Today’s professionals and talents of tomorrow do not search – they wish to be found.

In an environment where industry borders disappear and value chains are changing, we find people with the necessary mix of in-depth know-how, state-of-the-art methodology and the willingness to innovate – new employees who are driving your company forward.

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Successful ING4G Workshop „New methods in an agile context“ in Düsseldorf

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Good reasons for ING4G

  • Specialists for SMEs and Technology
  • Profound industry and consulting experience
  • Digital search in combination with direct approach
  • International. National. Regional.
  • German efficiency with an international background
  • 4-eyes principle for guaranteed quality

ING4G berät Sie bei der Suche nach dem perfekten Kandidaten

For companies

WHAT WE OFFER … Managers and experts fitting your vacancies. Professional expertise + personality, the key ingredients for your success.

HOW WE SUCCEED … Our ING4G Recruiting – individual, targeted and custom-fit in the relevant market. The result: the best candidates for you.
We find a needle in the haystack.

Über uns - wer wir sind

About us

WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS APPRECIATE … ING4G International Recruiting, the owner-led enterprise specializing in SMEs and technology.
Our team of experienced consultants + young smart researchers uses intelligent search methodology + professional direct approach.

OUR GUARANTEE: The right staff for tomorrow`s success – wherever you need it.

Unsere Bewerber und Kandidatenbetreuung

For applicants

WHAT WE OFFER … Are you highly qualified, mobile, flexible, curious and motivated?

Do you want to plan your career actively + take the next step?

ING4G Kontakt und ein Kontaktformular


HOW TO CONTACT US … Are you looking for highly skilled professionals or experienced managers? Do you want to take the next step in your career? Would you like to learn more about ING4G Recruiting? This is the right place for you – Contact us directly for a personal appointment or send us an email.

What you can rely on…


Individual recruiting strategy

International, national, regional

Intelligent digital intuition

Personal direct approach

Global network for more candidates

Extensive industry experience and 360 degree analysis

Technology + management functions for tomorrow

Challenge digitalization + industry 4.0

4-eyes-principle + direct communication

Made in Germany + international background

More efficient than internal – Outsource your recruiting

ING4G   Full - Service -  Recruiting

Let our reference projects convince you...


Who our clients are...


Testimonials of our clients and candidates

HR Manager

We were searching for ourselves unsuccessfully for a long time – ING4G solved our problem.

German family business - Mechanical engineering

Manager Electronic Development

ING4G has prepared me intensively and professionally for the position and accompanied me through the entire application process

Stefan, works in Western Germany - Automation

Development Engineer – Antenna Systems

Excellent support throughout the whole process with Porsche.

Joachim, works in Southern Germany - Automotive

Managing Director

Fast and professional – again at any time!

German "Mittelstand", sales company in Spain - Automotive

Head of Technology Division

ING4G understood exactly what we needed and found the right ones for us.

German "Mittelstand" - Measurement + control technology

SW-Knowledge Engineer

When it comes to simplicity of process and professionalism, it is none other than ING4G

Anees, from Pakistan works in Germany - Automation

The 5 steps in our applicant management


Junge Bewerber für ING4G

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