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ING4G – International Recruiting

What companies can expect...

ING4G International Recruiting

ING4G Recruiting

We recruit the matching employees for your vacancies individually, efficiently + custom-fit in the relevant market. We analyze your specific needs 360 degrees and define your professional, personal and contextual requirements. On this basis we develop the most effective search strategy:

> ING4G Team - Intuition, persistence + persuasiveness
> ING4G Method - Intelligent digital search methods complemented by the professional direct approach
> ING4G Quality - German thoroughness, secure processes, trust
> ING4G Guarantee - Your vacancy is quickly and smoothly filled with the right tailor-made new employee

As an internationally active company with German roots, you have subsidiaries, production sites, suppliers and customers across the border. From your employees you expect excellent specialist and methodological knowledge, as well as the willingness to develop themselves further. You need employees, that are open to technological, organizational and cultural change.

We search candidates within a regional, national or global radius for an assignment in Germany or abroad. ING4G – International Recruiting supports you professionally, personally and individually with efficient solutions for your demanding staff requirements.

Understanding customer requirements...
Our analysis is based on your briefing. We supplement them with a 360 degree analysis of personality requirements, development opportunities and further internal and external conditions. On this basis we develop the individually matching search strategy.

Tracking the best with the ING4G Search process...
We continuously optimize the ING4G digital search methodology. Furthermore, the ING4G Global Targeting approach offers the advantage of a much larger overall number of highly qualified candidates. This is how we screen the relevant market according to your specific needs, whether in a regional, national or global search.

Developing careers with a professional direct approach...
High-potential candidates do not search, they wish to be found. Two things are crucial: the candidate must match your requirements & he or she must be interested in working with you. This is where confidence, perseverance, competence and persuasiveness are required.

Evaluating + selecting with ING4G diagnostics...
In a professional multi-stage evaluation, we select the best candidates for you. As a guarantee of quality, we use our 4-eyes-principle.

Presenting the best...
With the conclusive ING4G Personnel Check documentation, you can focus on the final selection of candidates. We ensure a smooth scheduling of the meetings and personally participate in the interviews. We support you through all stages from decision-making, drafting of contracts and other topics a part of the ING4G full-service package. So your vacancy is promptly + efficiently filled with the matching individual.

ING4G Onboarding...
With the ING4G onboarding, we also support the integration of the new employee in your organization – beyond the first working day. For candidates from abroad, we offer the ING4G Starter Service, an orientation program to adapt to the German culture. As quality assurance, we regularly carry out the ING4G Quality Check.


Recruiting with ING4G provides you with an efficient all-round carefree package for tailor-made personnel procurement + integration. In order for you to concentrate on your core business.

ING4G Consulting

ING4G berät Sie bei der Suche nach dem perfekten Kandidaten

Future success depends on the right recruitment strategy. How can your business be attractive to today's experts and tomorrow’s high-potentials? How do you prevent vacancies from affecting your entrepreneurial impact?

With ING4G Consulting, we advise our customers on the topics of personnel recruitment and retention. In the past, employees applied to companies, today it is increasingly reversed. That's why employer branding and personnel marketing are more than just slogans. In order to differentiate your business in the "war for talents", corporate culture is just as important as showing up career chances to potential employees. Innovation spirit, fast decision-making processes + appreciative leadership are crucial. Further success factors are diversity and work-life balance.

ING4G International Recruiting

Who our customers are...

Our customers are technology oriented, international companies. Often family businesses with subsidiaries abroad. They face the challenges of the future.

Technology + Internationality.
Innovation + Tradition.
Vision + Development.
Globalization + Digitalization.
Personalities + Entrepreneuership.
Strong in the market + Fair to the people.

This unites our clients.
This is what they need the best employees for.

  • Industrial automation
  • Machine and plant engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Safety technology
  • Automotive
  • Rolling stock
  • Engineering
  • Software & IT
  • Construction
  • Logistics & SCM
  • Consumer goods & retail
  • Management
  • Development
  • Software/Hardware
  • Application
  • Production
  • Operations
  • Logistis/SCM
  • Project Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales/Key Account Management
  • Human Resources
  • Finance


Are you interested in the ING4G Recruiting or our Consulting? Just call us or send an email and we will have a closer look at your needs and wishes. We are also happy to arrange a personal meeting – we are pleased to meet you.

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Familiar with B2B & B2C business models

Extensive industry know-how

Expertise in megatrends

Experienced HR consultants

Efficient and individual project management

German quality – internationally connected
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